Put the company right back into your drip market campaign. But a special one for Lost Deals You Want to Win Back Later.

Because you’ll have at least 3 more times to close them:

  • 10 months out (Renewal #1). If your competitor really screwed it up.
  • 20 months out (Renewal #2). If your competitor doesn’t remain competitive and deliver enough value.
  • 30 months out (Renewal #3). If your competitor did an OK job but isn’t loved and you now are doing something much better (one thing) than them.
  • Anytime — if there’s champion change. I.e., if someone that loves you instead moves over to run the company / division / org you lost the deal at.

Lost deals are just deals you’re going to have to win later.

It’s harder to win them later.

But hardly impossible.

It just for sure takes longer.

But it takes 7–10 years to get anywhere in SaaS. You’ll likely have another shot at the deal. And it likely will be a much bigger deal then.

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