Dear SaaStr: What Were The Top Pieces of Advice You’re Glad You Ignored?

1.  Don’t do any VC investments your first year.  Take your time.   Sound advice.  But would have missed 4 unicorns if I had.

2.  It’s Hopeless.  Let’s Throw in the Towel.  Yes, it was.  But quitting doesn’t help.

3.  Don’t start that start-up, it won’t work, there aren’t enough customers, and the technology doesn’t work.  All true, based on conventional knowledge.  We sold that company (my first start-up as a founder) for $50,000,000 12.5 months later.

4.  Don’t join that start-up, it’s not enough money.  True, but it got the journey going.

5.  Don’t leave.  I’ll pay you $50,000 to stay.  A lot of money.  But it was time.

6.  Don’t hire that VP.  He has one terrible reference.  Yes, but what about the other 3 great references?  The best in startups often break a little glass.  Too much is a problem.  But a chip on the shoulder can be good.

7.  Don’t do that investment, the CEO is hard to work with.  Yes, but he’s been 100% honest, upfront, and transparent.  I’ll take that over a schmoozer any day of the week.

8.  He/she can’t do the job, they don’t have enough experience.  You’re missing the point.  They’re the hardest-working person at the company.  They grow every single month.  Watch where she’ll be in 6 or 9 months.  Ahead of almost everyone else.  I’ll take that bet.

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