You have to give it 24 months. To get to a truly sellable product. Simply to get it off the ground.

Giving it 12 months isn’t enough. 12 month is just enough time to fail.

  • 6 months to build & ship 1.0
  • 1.0 is wrong, rebuild, re-ship at month 9
  • 12 months to get first good customers, maybe, but not enough customers yet. And probably not enough to get funded.
  • 18–24 months to get enough customers to pay the rent and your engineers’ salaries

Maybe sometimes it’s faster in B2C. But it’s never faster from Day 0/1 in SaaS and B2B.

And first-time founders and want-to-be-founders don’t budget 24 months to get past beer money.

I know it’s hard. I know you don’t have enough capital, or any capital. I know the team may not commit for 24 months out of the gate.

It’s so hard.

But the best founders still find a way.

If you only give it 12 months.

I give you zero chance or making it.

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