Add value.

Most new salespeople focus a lot on the transaction. What’s your budget? Do you need a discount? How big a discount? Can I give you a bigger discount? What questions do you have? If I give you an even bigger discount, can you sign right now? Your discount will expire if you don’t sign today!

This is OK in super high velocity inside sales. Not great but OK. Discounting is, for better or worse, part of the standard sales toolkit.

But the reality though is they miss the best question in SaaS sales. “What problems can I help you solve today?”

Start with that. Build that relationship.

Map out how your product, and others, can solve your prospect’s problems.

Explain it, take the extra time. Do a demo. Show them. Thank them.

Never, ever, never say a prospect is wasting your time. No. They are investing their precious time in you. So figure out as quickly as possible how you can help them.

Then, once you’ve added a ton of value, then ask for a favor.

“Can we sign this month? It would help a lot if we can get this closed and get you up and running!”

You’ll probably get it.

We all want to help folks that really did us a solid. Help them 10x more than the effort that it takes to sign this month … and the deal will likely close.

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