Be hyper-agile.

One thing I’ve learned from the next generation of SaaS companies I’m involved with … vs. the last 2 generations of ‘05’-07ish and ‘08-’11ish … is just how agile they are.

I am amazed at the features Talkdesk pushed out last month at their user conference, and even, when they were just 5 people. How many they push out every month.

I am amazed at Algolia’s agility in search as a service.

I am amazed at RainforestQA’s ability to manage 50,000+ QA crowdtesters and still every 6 weeks deliver an amount of functionality it would have taken me 18 months to ship.

Old SaaS Companies just aren’t agile. Their architecture is too old. It’s too much work to change. It’s too risky to impact existing business workflows.

If you can be 10x more agile, AND have product-market fit … you have something special the others don’t.

Most of us can barely keep up, barely keep our heads above water, on the product side.

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