Bring something to the table.

Some examples & ideas:

  • Bring a network: Harry Stebbings, TwentyMinute VC -> Atomico. Harry brought 1,000,000 downloads a month on his podcast and an amazing VC network to investing. At age 19.
  • Bring a deal: find a great deal and bring it to the best VC you know. Not a good deal, not a pretty good deal. But a great deal. If it gets funded, you get the credit. Maybe not in public. But for real.
  • Be incredible at start-up analysis. VCs all need an analyst or two. Most “smart” people can’t tell you which deals to do, and which not to, and why. Be the one that can … and there will be a role, somewhere.
  • Be a noted, and beloved, hustler. Be everywhere, and help everyone. This eventually works. If enough founders know you, see you, like you. Eventually. You’ll get into a deal or two, a small check or two. This takes time. But it works.
  • Do something for a VC other than “investing”. VC firms need recruiting partners, marketing partners, etc. etc. You could be their blogger. Their event coordinator. This isn’t a standard way into investing. But it is a way to get into a VC firm and learn.
  • Crazy idea: be a Chief of Staff, even if that position isn’t listed. VCs mostly all have Executive Assistants. Follow the Hollywood model. Apply for that role, and do it but a lot more and crush it … do more. Get promoted into a “Chief of Staff” role.

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