Well, of course not.

But many great first time founders end up with one co-founder that is a bit … parasitic.

Someone that really doesn’t contribute value anywhere close to his equity stake, and worse, as the company makes progress, tends to create issues and drama.

However …

What I’ve learned is founders have to figure this out on their own. It’s not always obvious to us on the outside what “missing piece” founders think they have. Often times, this semi-parasitic co-founder, or advisor, or other resource … makes the CEO feel like his missing piece, his hole, is filled. For now.

They’ll figure it out, the good ones always do. The resolution is often expensive and drama-filled.

But tell someone that a person on their core team is a parasite? Or force someone to part too early with their parasite? Not sure this really works, either.

Point out the weakness in purely logical terms. Don’t judge. Don’t make them feel weak, or wrong, for hiring the parasite. Then wait 3, 6, 9 months until they clearly see it and agree.

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