Yes, if you put a little bit of a sales pitch on it.

Early-stage venture and angel investors are all about finding the top 1% of “struggling entrepreneurs” and funding them. These are rich people — either directly or indirectly. VC funds are themselves funded by LPs with billions under management.

Everyone is looking for the next struggling entrepreneur — who actually is also building the next Airbnb, Dropbox or Facebook.

In fact, most investors don’t want to fund rich entrepreneurs. Some do, but the prices rich entrepreneurs “charge” (in terms of valuations) are very high — often 10–50x what struggling entrepreneurs “charge” for the same traction, revenue, etc. — and sometimes have unclear economic incentives.

Be that person. Hustle, ship it, prove it (as much as you can), be the next Zuck. As close to it as you can.

Rich people will fund that. Even as a centimillionaire+ … you can’t make money leaving it in the bank with 0% interest rates today.

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