Time management I think is #1.

The best sales reps are very, very thoughtful with their time.

My best rep could close more sales in 1 day than my average rep could in 5. For real. Literally in one day. Think about that for a second.

This is one of the next frontiers of sales productivity tools — true sales operations improvements. We’ve built a ton of tools that make sales processes more electronic and digital, but they most don’t truly help with time management. Improving efficiency alone isn’t enough to improve time management.

Watch and learn from the best.

And remember — sales prospects do not waste your time. You waste your time. Every startup is blessed when someone raises their hand and says they might want to buy. Treat every prospect the way you’d like to be treated, not as someone lucky to get your time. That’s backwards. Once you figure out why that is, you’ll get to the next level.

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