They care about having a senior level executive’s problems solved. Especially, at the most senior levels.

  • Workday solves the problems for the CFO and SVP HR.
  • Salesforce solves the problems for the CRO/SVP Sales.
  • Concur solves a different set of problems for the CFO.
  • Ariba solves a set of problems for CAO and CFO.
  • Marketo solves a set of problems for a VPM and sometimes CMO.
  • Omniture/Adobe Marketing Cloud is ooold, but is loved by many CMOs.
  • Successfactors, Taleo, etc. solve a big set of problems for SVP of HR.

Etc. the titles may change a bit, but you see the point. Those particular vendors are oooooold. As an end user, you may even hate some of them.

But the dashboard and analytics they provide solve big problems for a C-level officer.

The ultimate consumer of true enterprise software is often just a handful of people in a very large enterprise. Everyone else that uses it is ultimately an inputter and not a true stakeholder in the decision process.

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