podcast-featured-42-yuanWelcome to Episode #42! David Yuan is a General Partner at Technology Crossover Ventures, where he has enjoyed no less than 4 IPOs and 5 acquisitions. Some of David’s investments include the likes of Facebook, Linkedin, ExactTarget (acq by Salesforce), Splunk and many more incredible companies. He also sits on the board at Act On, App Nexus, Merkle, and Site Minder and is an adviser to Pinterest. Prior to TCV, David had stints at JP Morgan and Bain & Company. David_Yuan

In today’s episode with David you will learn:
How did David make his way into the investing world in 2000?
How has David seen the evolution of SaaS revenue multiples over the last decade?
How can VCs balance the drive for profitability with their need for big wins over a short 5-7 year investment cycle?
How does David approach investing cadence in correlation to market cycles? Does his strategy alter according to down-turns and booms?
Why does David find the monetization models of the consumerization of SaaS to be the most exciting?
Does David agree that the original hires might not be the hires as the stages progress? How can founders transition them out without a lack of respect and gratitude?

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