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Welcome to Episode 109! Mat Ellis is the Founder & CEO of Cloudability, the startup that provides cloud cost efficiency at scale, and they have raised close to $40m in VC funding including from our good friends at Foundry Group and Data Collective. Prior to Cloudability, Mat held executive positions with four startups, and key technology roles at Frito-Lay, Pepsi Cola, and Goldman Sachs, and he currently sits on the boards of the Oregon Entrepreneurs Network and the Technology Association of Oregon.

Mat EllisIn Today’s Episode You Will Learn:

  • How did Mat make the move from the UK to SaaS startup founder in Portland, Oregon?
  • How has Mat seen elements change within the business when moving through the stages of company growth? What were the challenges when going through these strategic inflection points?
  • At present, many SaaS founders are looking to hire COOs, what does Mat believe about this hire? When is the right time to make the hire? What should one look for in their first COO?
  • How does Mat assess the balance of sustainability and growth? How does Mat balance between this tough line? What are the inherent challenges?
  • What are Mat’s thought on culture maintenance when startups move into hypergrowth? What is core to retain this startup culture with the scaling through stages?

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