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Welcome to Episode 111! Dan Burkhart is the Founder & CEO of Recurly, the startup powering much of the subscription success, trusted by the likes of Twitch, CBS Interactive, and Hubspot, just to name a few. They have raised over $20m in VC funding from leading investors including Greycroft, Freestyle, Harrison Metal, and more. As for Dan, his background spans 14 years with the likes of eBay and NBC Internet in the marketing, business development, and strategic partnership realm.Dan Burkhart

In Today’s Episode You Will Learn:

  • How did Dan make his way into the world of SaaS and come to found Recurly?

  • How does Dan perceive a good CAC/LTV ratio? Does he agree with the hallowed 3:1 often cited by founders and investors?

  • How does Dan manage and measure customer churn? How does he approach regrettable and non-regrettable customer churn?

  • What is the post-mortem analysis of customer churn? How does Dan insert an element of accountability without creating a sense of churn?

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