Welcome to Episode #49! Ryan Fyfe is the Founder & CEO of Humanity, the employee scheduling software that allows you to value your employees. Ryan has built Humanity to serve more than half a million users across 87 countries, with a team exceeding 100 people and continually growing across 3 continents. They have raised funding from our friends at Point Nine and a huge thank you to Christoph Janz from Point Nine Capital for making the introduction today.Ryan_Fyfe

In today’s episode with Ryan we discuss:
How did Ryan come to be founder and CEO at Humanity?
How do Ryan and Humanity use data to affect the marketing decisions they make with regards to customer acquisition?
How does Ryan look to integrate customer success into the pre-purchase period to facilitate adoption?
How does Ryan view free trials with Humanity? How do they A/B test free trials to optimize for conversion?
How can startups ensure efficient time to value in a trial period and what is the role of customer success in this?

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