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Welcome to Episode #112! Brad Feld is one of the world’s leading VCs, having Co-Founded Foundry Group, Brad has made investments in the likes of Zynga, Makerbot and Fitbit, just to name a few. Brad is also Co-Founder of Techstars, one of the world’s most prominent startup accelerators, whose portfolio companies have raised over $1.3bn in funding. If that wasn’t enough Brad is also a best selling author having co-authored Venture Deals: Be Smarter Than Your Lawyer and VC and Startup Communities: Building An Entrepreneurial Ecosystem In Your Community.

brad feldIn today’s episode you will learn:

  • How Brad made his way into the world of VC and come to found Foundry Group?
  • Brad has previously stated that companies can be segmented into 3 different core components? What does he mean by this? How can startups be structured internally for scalability?
  • Why does Brad hate the word culture? How should culture be viewed and approach internally within startups?
  • How has Brad seen his personal development with regards to being a board member? What has he got better at? What does he believe makes a great board member?
  • Why is CAC the easiest metric to game in SaaS? How should the CAC/LTV ratio be approached? How can entrepreneurs use this to attract VC investment?

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