Welcome to Episode 131! Jens Nylander is the Founder and CEO of Automile, the startup that makes fleet and asset management much much easier. They have backing from some of the best in the business, including the Godfather of SaaS himself, Jason Lemkin, the wonderful team at Point Nine, Justin Kan and Dawn Capital in London. As for Jens, he really is a serial entrepreneur with past endeavors including creating Sweden’s largest music player and founding Jays, the manufacturer and developer of innovative headphones that went public and is listed on the NASDAQ.

In Today’s Episode You Will Learn:

* How did Jens make his way into the world of SaaS and come to found Automile?

* How does Jens look to build a repeatable scalable sales process with Automile? What are the core infrastructure requirements needed to make the process as automated as possible?

* How does Jens evaluate selling into the SMB market? How does Jens look to optimize the onboarding process to maximize conversion? How does Jens look to minimize churn with a market as potentially unstable as SMBs?

* Why does Jens prefer technology minded sales teams? What benefits do they bring in terms of process to the sales cycle? What should founders look for in potential new engineering led sales teams?

* Jens is increasingly transparent, posting numerous figures on Twitter, what are the benefits of such transparency? How does that help the team to achieve the wider goal? Are there any cases, such as fundraising or exits, where transparency has negative consequences?

60 Second SaaStr:

* What was the hardest element of leaving Europe to go big in the US?

* What does Jens know now that he wishes he had known at the beginning?

* What hires does Jens wish he had made earlier?

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