Leela Srinivasan is the CMO of SurveyMonkey. Join her as she takes you through her seven tips for using customer feedback and building rabid fans. Consistently ramping your ARR is a whole lot harder if your customers don’t stick around. In an age where earning customer loyalty and trust is harder than ever, the road to lifetime value is paved with customer feedback. 

This is SaaStr’s Founder’s Favorites Series. Every Thursday we share one of SaaStr Annual’s best of the best sessions that you might have missed. After all, you should be able to be where the cloud meets from wherever you may be listening. Stay tuned for our next Founder’s Favorites episode: April 25.

This podcast is an excerpt of Leela’s session at SaaStr Annual 2019.

Leela Srivinasan has had a long history in tech. She started off in Sales as an AE and sales manager. Leela started her career at Bain, going on to LinkedIn, joining when the company had around 500 employees and leaving at a time when that count grew to around 6,000. Her next stop was OpenTable where the company was acquired only five days later. Before joining SurveyMonkey she worked at Lever from the time the company grew from a Series A to C.

Missed the session? Here’s what Leela talks about:

  • How to create an army of advocates
  • How to drive topline revenue growth
  • Real world examples from businesses that are listening and acting on customer feedback every day.

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