Should an early- stage B2B startup meet every customer face-to-face to receive feedback?

Meet at least as many as you can.

Some rough rules to think about:

  • Meet every local customer that you can Uber/drive to in the early days … if they’ll take a meeting (a lot won’t want to).
  • The more your product is a “solution” vs. just a tool — the more meetings you should take.  To learn how your solution is really being used.
  • Meet with ALL your top 10, or top 10% customers.  So if you have 50-70 today … if nothing else … meet in person with the Top 5 or so.
  • If nothing else, try to spend 20% of your time with your existing customers.  Everyone spends too much time on prospects, and not enough time with closed customers.

More here:  SaaStr | Want Happy Customers?  Implement the 5-Visits-Plus-2-Badges Rule.  For Your Customer Success Team  — And You.

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Published on November 23, 2015

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