Nothing. We’ve all been there. In SaaS, this typically happens somewhere between $3m and $8m in ARR or so … finally, you have enough customers, enough of a mini-brand, enough going on to get the flywheel going … but all of a sudden, it’s too much for the team.

You can either try to raise money now, or you can power through it. It will be hard. There won’t be enough engineers, enough customer success, enough marketing dollars, enough salespeople. Everyone will get a bit ragged in this phase.

It tends to get toughest around 40–50 folks … that’s the core of a full first team. But there’s no room for redundancy. You lose anyone good, man, you are in tough place.

But as you get to $10m ARR, it gets easier. You can hire enough folks for redundancy. You can hire enough managers and enough VPs.

Hang tough until the cavalry comes around $10m ARR. Or raise a few more dollars, if you can.

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