Dear SaaStr: None of The 3 SaaS Products I Developed Have Any Sales. What Am I Doing Wrong?

You may not have product-market fit.  You may not have built a product people will actually pay for.  But assuming you have … well — are you doing any marketing?

There are 100,000+ SaaS apps out there. It may well be no one needs your product.

But what are you doing to get attention?

  • Are you doing strong content marketing? This takes time, but it can work.  Build a few pieces of truly epic, helpful content.
  • Do you have a truly elegant free edition or free trial?  This doesn’t get you customers on its own, but it helps get folks who do come to your site to try it.
  • Are you trying very high-quality cold outreach to prospects, with a great value-oriented pitch?
  • Are you getting PR? In TechCrunch, or wherever?
  • Are you listed in all marketplaces you could be?
  • Do you go to all the events in your industry? Are you hustling to meet folks there?
  • Is there anyone you can partner with, even just to get a few customers?  What other products do you add insane value to?
  • Are you on Producthunt?
  • Are you truly, truly husting to get customers?
  • Keep at it!

Marketing takes time.

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