Byron Deeter

Byron is a leading investor in SaaS and Cloud. He co-authors Bessemer’s iconic 10 Laws of Cloud Computing and the annual State of the Cloud Report. He created the Bessemer Forbes Cloud 100 and BVP Nasdaq Emerging Cloud Index and works closely with many of the best founders in the cloud world. And now he is the host of Bessemer’s newest podcast, Cloud Giants. To date, nineteen of Byron’s investments are valued above $1 billion, including 11 IPOs and counting.

Byron first raised a Series A with Bessemer Venture Partners back in 2000, as CEO and founder of Trigo Technologies. His company grew to be one of the first global SaaS companies, reaching profitability and was successfully sold to IBM. Byron foresaw that cloud computing would not only change the way people built new technologies but also how The Cloud would systematically run the world. In 2005, Byron returned to Bessemer, this time to lead the fund’s global cloud practice.

Think we’d be a great investor?

“A cloud computing expert, Byron has had no less than seven cloud companies go public in the past five years, led by the API company Twilio, public since 2016, which acquired SendGrid, an email marketing company that had gone public the following year. Byron,  was the largest investor in SendGrid at the time, and is now the only venture investor on Twilio’s board.”

“The Bessemer Cloud Index, consisting of over 50 cloud software companies, has jumped 68% this year, outperforming all major U.S. indexes.”

Peer Testimonals

“Byron is my most trusted ally, in 2008, fundraising was really tough. VCs didn’t think developers would buy anything. They wanted to invest in apps, not APIs. But a few investors got it BVP was one of them.”

Jeff Lawson | Co-Founder + CEO @ Twilio


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State of the Cloud – 2020

2020 has been a rollercoaster of a year and while there’s no way to predict the future, one thing is for certain — the cloud industry has helped save businesses, our health, and our sanity. Business continuity wouldn’t be possible without cloud-based solutions and the economy has been kept afloat by today’s virtual world. 

State of the Cloud – 2019

Join Bessemer Venture Partners’ Byron Deeter and Kristina Shen as they take a look at trends and predictions for the cloud industry in 2019. This marks the company’s fifth annual in-depth look at the cloud computing industry.

10 Laws of Building a Unicorn

As much as we all long for the days when the term unicorn only referred to magical, mythical creatures, you don’t want to miss this session from Byron Deeter, Partner at Bessemer Venture Partners. Having invested in over two dozen companies, a half dozen of which have already gone on to become unicorns, Byron shares his insights into the 10 laws of becoming a unicorn.

State of the Cloud – 2017

In this talk with Byron Deeter and Kristina Shen of Bessemer Venture Partners, we get an illuminating glimpse into the state of the cloud for 2017-2018. They run through what 2016 was like and let companies know what they should know if they want to kill it in the next year.



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