When should the CEO step away from sales?

I remember when we closed Groupon as one of our Ten (or so) Largest customers, back in the day. This was probably 2009 or so.

They’d brought us on shortly after they’d deployed Salesforce all across the company. My guess is they paid Salesforce $20m a year back then, although I have no idea.

We flew out for a Big Hands On, in the bitter middle of a Chicago winter.

Anyhow, my VP of Customer Success, VP of Product and I were in one small conference room working with the Sales Operations team. Talking about how to deploy faster, better, bigger.

Across the floor, with the 25 year old CEO Andrew Mason … was Marc Benioff and his team. He’d flown out to Chicago in the dead of winter as well, probably all the way from Kona, who knows. He knew he had to be there, too.

Anyhow, he was still selling, the CEO of Salesforce. Saleforce was probably worth $10b then. It’s worth $100b today. And he’s still selling.

That’s your answer.

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Published on April 29, 2018

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