What are some best practices for selling a new product/service to your existing SaaS clients?



Know your NPS.

Here’s the bottom line: if your NPS is say > 40 or so, a significant portion of your customers love you. If your NPS is say > 60 or so, a ton of your customers love you.

Business are looking for solutions to their problems.

If a business’ very favorite vendor has another solution to another of their problems — they’ll want to take a look. You’ll actually be doing them a favor:

  • They’ll take the call.
  • They’ll attend the webinar.
  • They’ll read the email.

But if your NPS is low, they won’t.

So my #1 best practice is get your NPS up. Then, basically any approach will work. Call. Email. Blog. Tweet. Have customer success do a soft sell. Have sales do a hard sale. It will all work — to the segment of your customers that truly love you.

And if your NPS is low, segment it. And reach out not to the customers you think are happy — but the ones that have told you they are. The ones that say they’ll recommend you to others.

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Published on March 9, 2017

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