What is the best way to start a Customer Success program in a SaaS startup?

It’s easy — these days.

Just hire a veteran.

I don’t mean a VP of CS … you’re not ready for that yet.

But an experienced individual contributor with:

  • at least a few years of CS experience;
  • at roughly the high-end of your price point; that
  • you believe in and would trust with your hard-won customers.

Don’t hire someone without CS experience. You need that.

Don’t hire someone to manage $250k ACV customers that did $2.5k ACV customers in her last job, no matter how much you like her. She doesn’t understand your customer base.

Don’t hire someone you don’t intuitively believe in, no matter what her experience. They need to make you comfortable in the interview process with your product and processes. If they don’t make you comfortable — they won’t make the customers comfortable, either.

But to get off the ground, a vet you believe in, the customers will too. If she’s done a good job at the ACV of your largest customers … that will be a huge upgrade from an all reactive / support model.

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Published on January 9, 2017

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