Is there any advice against giving our sales tool for free to early-stage startups?'


The #1 bit of advice is don’t confuse Free with a marketing strategy.

It isn’t. It’s an onboarding strategy.

Simply making an edition of your business app “free” will almost never on its own attract a significant number of users, unless your app is viral.

If you already have a ton of folks coming to your site, and you think it’s more effective to maybe let the low end use the product for free … that can work.

But putting up a sign that says “Free” doesn’t attract users. It hasn’t in a very long time. There are just way, way too many apps out there.

How 10 Million Freemium Users Built Our Enterprise Sales

Karl Sun, CEO, and Dan Cook, VP Sales of Lucid Chart share how they built an enterprise sales business around a freemium model.

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Published on May 14, 2018
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