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CRO Confidential: How Wiz Went From $0 to The First $100M with Wiz ex-CRO Colin Jones (Pod 665 + Video)

Some are reporting Google may buy SaaS security leader Wiz for over $20 Billion — just a little over 4 years after founding! That would be a record. Whatever happens, Wiz’s growth is already a record to $100m, to $350m ARR … and beyond. It may just be the fastest growing software company ever: CRO…
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6+ Reasons to Worry Less About the Competition

Dear SaaStr: How much should an entrepreneur worry about competition in an early-stage startup? You are going to obsess about competition. You won’t be able to help it. And mostly, it’s healthy. Founders that arrogantly dismiss the competition as “stupid” or even just “too old to innovate” I find … generally fail. At least later. …
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Dear SaaStr: Can a CEO be Late To Almost Everything?

Dear SaaStr: Can a CEO be Late To Almost Everything? As CEO, I was basically never late. This year, for the, every year we have perhaps ~150 top CEOs speak. Some of the very best in SaaS. CEOs of Atlassian, Box, Slack, Blackline, Qualtrics, The Trade Desk, Coupa, Algolia, MongoDB, Monday, Trello, Guidewire, and…
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Yes, Referral Programs Work for SaaS. But You Gotta Put in the Work. And The Time.

Dear SaaStr: Do Referral Programs Work for SaaS? Well, for sure. But … it almost always takes longer than you think than direct sales: Salesforce announced a little ways back that its partners were the #1 source of its new bookings. 40% of HubSpot’s and Shopify’s and Gorgias’ customers come from agencies and other partners…
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