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5 Lessons on Building Your Sales Organization for Scale with Podium EVP of Sales, Than Hancock, and Head of West Coast Sales, Carlie Adams (Pod 552 + Video)

Podium’s EVP of Sales, Than Hancock, and Regional Sales Manager, Carlie Adams, discuss both the challenges and opportunities for setting up your sales organization for success, particularly during hypergrowth.

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Top 5 Mistakes Building & Scaling Global Product Teams with HubSpot GM & VP, Products Poorvi Shrivastav (Pod 551 + Video)

Poorvi Shrivastav, GM and VP of Products at HubSpot, shares her passion for team development and discusses her journey of leading cross-geographical product teams and revealing how to execute the scaling plan successfully.

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5 Rules to Win When Competition is Everywhere With Atlassian COO Anu Bharadwaj and Boast.AI Co-Founder Lloyed Lobo

The SaaS world is competitive, and standing out in a highly saturated market takes remarkable hard work and skill. However, the companies that adapt and create transformational change tend to survive. COO Anu Bharadwaj’s years of experience at Atlassian have shaped her outlook on how to thrive in the market. 

In this session, Boast.AI Co-Founder Lloyed Lobo interviews Bharadwaj as she shares Atlassian’s five building blocks to win.

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Product-Led Growth: Panacea or Boondoggle? with AgentSync Co-Founder & CTO Jenn Knight and OpenPhone Co-Founder Daryna Kulya (Pod 538 + Video)

Jenn Knight, Co-founder and CTO of AgentSync, and Daryna Kulya, Co-founder of OpenPhone, discuss how different approaches have helped each brand reach its target audience and accomplish its goals, the potential of product-led growth, and how to scale growth strategies to yield desirable results.

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How Hybrid is Working in Practice…What the Data Shows with Raise Commercial Real Estate CEO Justin Bedecarre and Felipe Gomez, President @ Raise (Pod 537 + Video)

Raise CEO and Co-founder, Justin Bedecarre, and President, Felipe Gomez-Kraus, discuss how SaaS companies can build successful hybrid workplaces that are empathetic while incentivizing their team to return to the office.

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The Secrets to Scaling a Public Company with a 75% Freelancer Workforce with Upwork’s CEO Hayden Brown (Pod 532 + Video)

CEO at UpWork, Hayden Brown, breaks down the tectonic shift in work happening at a lightning pace. She spotlights the role of freelancers in new-age businesses with granular insights into how UpWork scaled through the years relying on its freelance workforce.

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