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How Hybrid is Working in Practice…What the Data Shows with Raise Commercial Real Estate CEO Justin Bedecarre and Felipe Gomez, President @ Raise (Pod 537 + Video)

Raise CEO and Co-founder, Justin Bedecarre, and President, Felipe Gomez-Kraus, discuss how SaaS companies can build successful hybrid workplaces that are empathetic while incentivizing their team to return to the office.

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The Secrets to Scaling a Public Company with a 75% Freelancer Workforce with Upwork’s CEO Hayden Brown (Pod 532 + Video)

CEO at UpWork, Hayden Brown, breaks down the tectonic shift in work happening at a lightning pace. She spotlights the role of freelancers in new-age businesses with granular insights into how UpWork scaled through the years relying on its freelance workforce.

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